Harley Lift

The IB Bike Lift really is probably the most versatile motorcycle jack on the market. Owning an Indian bike lift and a Harley-Davidson, I didn’t want to fork out for two bike lifts. Luckily, my one IB Bike Lift is available with rails to make it a Harley lift, as well as an Indian lift.

Harley lift
Standard rails to suit most Harleys

But it doesn’t stop there; this product is available with at least 40 (yes, FORTY!) different adapter rails making it suitable for a wide range of motorcycle brands, each with their own odd undercarriage.

The rails that come standard suit my Harley Fatbob, but when you order your lift, simply mention the model (or models) of motorcycles you have, and you can, for a small extra fee, have the correct adapter rails sent with your bike jack.

How easy is this Harley lift to use?

Put quite simply, it’s a breeze. The unit itself is well made, and you can get a variety of finishes. I chose the greyish, hammered meta finish.

The base of the Harley-Davidson bike lift is very low to the ground, giving it good stability when the bike is up in the air, and, while it is not recommended, I can move the bike around quite easily in my garage (flat, concrete surface) whilst the bike is up on the lift.

Harley-Davidson bike lift
Standard rails fitted, custom rails next to it

The hydraulic jack works very well too. One problem I have had with cheaper Chinese made jacks like you get from auto accessories shops is that they are very rough on the drop. With the hydraulic jack on this Harley lift you can control the rate of drop using the jacking handle on the bottle jack’s release valve knob.

There is also a locking arm on the bottle jack ram. Once you have your Harley-Davidson up high enough, the yellow safety arm drops into place on the ram so that if for some unknown reason pressure is lost, the bike will drop down only so far as the lock will allow.

Just be warned: make sure that when you lift the safety arm up to drop your Harley down, you DO NO leave it up and drop the bike down onto it. Doing that may damage your crankcase.

I referred to “Chinese made jacks” earlier. I have tried them. I bought one from each of the two largest car accessory shop chains. They are all basically the same, and very similar to the Harbor Freight bike lift available in the USA. Some people may be happy with them, but my personal opinion is that they do not compare to somewhat more expensive brands. The old adage certainly is true, you get what you pay for.

If you spend $20,000 to $40,000 on a motorcycle, your pride and joy, do you REALLY want to trust it to a $130 made in China bike lift? The IB Lifts are fully designed and engineered in Australia, and, whilst they may not be made in Australia, they are certainly made to IB Bike Lifts standards and specifications.

I trust both my Harley-Davidison and my Indian up on the IB Lift.

Rob, Sydney, Australia.